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Who was Cicero?

Marcus Tullius Cicero, most commonly referred to as simply "Cicero", was a Roman politician born in 106BC. He was a celebrated orator, defending (and on one occasion prosecuti (MORE)

Why was Cicero important?

He was a roman orator and a philosopher, he tried to limit the  power of Rome's generals and give control of the government back to  senate.
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Who killed cicero?

Cicero was killed by Herennius (a centurion) and Popilius (a tribune). He was proscribed (identified as an enemy of the State) by the Second Triumvirate - Octavian (later kn (MORE)

How was cicero clever?

Cicero was an extremly clever man. he was a great debater and new how to persuade the judges.
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Who were Cicero and Cato?

Cicero was a statesman, orator, philosopher ,constitutionalist, political theorist, moralist, and lawyer. He started his career as a lawyer later and wrote extensively on cons (MORE)

What has happened to cicero?

After Julius Caesar's assassination, Cicero and Mark Antony became two leading men in Rome. Cicero was the spokesman of the senate and Mark Antony led the supporters of Caesar (MORE)
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Why was cicero beheaded?

Cicero was beheaded because he was proscribed (named an enemy of the State) by the Second Triumvirate - Octavian (later known as Augustus), Marcus Aemilius Lepidus, and Mark A (MORE)
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Who was Cicero wife?

Cicero had two wives. His first was Terentia who had his two children but who he divorced due to financial miscommunications. Then he married a woman named Publilia who he qui (MORE)
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How do you pronounce cicero?

Cicero in modern English is pronounced - Si (like sit) - Ser (like service) - O (like oh!) in ancient Latin - the "c"s are all pronounced like "k"'s making it sound like - Ke (MORE)