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What is cider?

Cider is an alcoholic beverage made from the fermented juice of apples.
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Is cider acidic?

=cider=       Yes cider is acidic but the acidity varies quite a lot depending on the variety of cider apples pressed. Bramleys for example, are very acidic. Also (MORE)

How do you make cider?

Making cider is a pretty easy thing to do. Clean and quarter the  apples of your choice. Puree then strain the apple through a  cheesecloth and serve. Refrigerate the remain (MORE)

What is in cider?

Typically, just apple juice that has been fermented (hard cider). After fermentation has taken place it is however customary to add sugar to improve the taste.
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Where can you get cider on RuneScape?

Cider can be purchased at the underground bar in Miscellania, which requires partial completion of Royal Trouble or off players at the grand exchange. These can also be made v (MORE)

What is soft cider?

Cider that has not beel allowed to ferment. When cider ferments, alcohol is formed and the end result is "hard" cider.

Is cider alcohol?

Cider is not alcohol unless you put it in the recipe. There are certain recipes that dont require alcohol but some do to make it taste the best.
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Is cider healthy?

No because its alcohol and its doing harm to your body if you drink to much, but an odd glass wont harm :)
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Is cider a beer?

No. Beer by definition must have four ingredients: Malted grain of some sort, water, yeast and hops. Other products use the word in their title that are not beers, though: Gin (MORE)