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What do cigarettes do to your eyes?

I think cigarettes can cause macular degeneration, which is basically going blind slowly but surely. My grandmother had that, and her doctors said that smoking may have been (MORE)

Are e-cigarettes approved by the FDA?

Electronic cigarettes are not currently approved by the FDA. Last year the FDA announced that they had concerns as the the safety of electronic cigarettes claiming that they c (MORE)
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What are the ingredients in cigaretts?

They are: 1- Nicotine (a drug). 2-Tar (a brown sticky substance). 3-Carcinogens (chemicals that cause cancer). 4-Carbon monoxide (a poisonous gas). 5-Irritants (chemic (MORE)
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Do cigarettes cause weight loss?

No but it's dangerous for your lungs It might help to reduce appetite before lunch. But it is so harmful! Find another way
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How do you light a cigarette?

If lighting your own cigarette:   1) hold filter of cigarette in mouth   2) hold lighter in hand A (left or right, arbitrarily)   3) if there is a breeze, you may (MORE)
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What harm do cigarettes do?

well cigarettes harm us in lots of ways. firstly the tar from the cigarette goes down our throat and into our lungs which prevents us from taking a full deep breath in. second (MORE)

What vitamins are in cigarettes?

Cigarettes typically contain no vitamins or other nutrients. They do contain tar, nicotine and poisonous chemicals, which is why people are discouraged from smoking them. They (MORE)
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What are E-Cigarettes?

E - Cigarettes, also known as vaporizer  cigarettes. E cigarettes are long -shaped tubes, many look like the  product the user used to smoke, such as a cigarette cigar or pi (MORE)
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What is in a vapor cigarette?

The smoking vapor is the exhaled vapor that comes out after  inhaling in the electronic cigarette. Its more or less like a water  vapor. E-cigarettes typically have a heatin (MORE)