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What does ciliary body do?

it is a thickened ring of tissue that encircles the lens and it is important in controlling lens shape.
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What is the function of ciliary muscles in the eye?

Be sure not to confuse the roles of the ciliary muscles and pupillary muscles; this is a mistake that even the experts make at times. The ciliary muscles do not control the si ( Full Answer )
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What is the function of ciliary body?

Consists of ciliary processes which capillaries secrete aqueous humor and ciliary muscle which changes the shape of lens for viewing objects in different distances.
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What is the function of ciliary muscles?

The function of ciliary muscles is it controls the accomodation for viewing objects at varying distances and regulates the flow of aqueous humour into Schelm's canal. It chang ( Full Answer )
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What does the ciliary muscles do?

One of the muscles that relax the zonules to enable the lens to change shape for focusing. Sarah Robles
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The function of the ciliary body?

Ciliary body is a tissue in the eye which consists of ciliary muscles and processes. The ciliary muscles are used to set the focus of the eye lens either by stretching or cont ( Full Answer )
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What are the functions of the ciliary body?

The ciliary body has three functions: accommodation, aqueous humor production and the production and maintenance of the lens zonules. Accommodation essentially means that when ( Full Answer )
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What is the concept of ciliary apparatus?

In mosquito's the ciliary apparatus is found in the mechanosensory transduction system (used for hearing) within the scolopidia. The aparatus is constructed by a number of tub ( Full Answer )
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What is primary ciliary dyskinesia?

about 25% of people with situs inversus have an underlying condition called primary ciliary dyskinesia (PCD). PCD, also known as Kartagener's syndrome, is characterized as sit ( Full Answer )