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What do muscles do?

Muscles help you move. Muscles in your arms lift and pull. Muscles in your tyhumbs help you to hold things. Muscles in your chest help you to breathe. You have more than 600 m (MORE)

What is the function of ciliary muscles in the eye?

Be sure not to confuse the roles of the ciliary muscles and pupillary muscles; this is a mistake that even the experts make at times. The ciliary muscles do not control the si (MORE)
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What are the functions of the ciliary body?

The ciliary body has three functions: accommodation, aqueous humor production and the production and maintenance of the lens zonules. Accommodation essentially means that when (MORE)

How are muscles connected with muscles?

This question isn't very clear but I think I know what you are trying to ask... In the body, muscles are not attached to each other, but they are attached to the bone struct (MORE)

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