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How do phylum ciliophora move?

ciliophora move by don't move much unless bumped then they have been known to move a little By Ben lovewell
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What is Phylum Ciliophora?

Phylum Ciliophora is a large and diverse group which includescomplex protozoans, such as paramecium, Stentor, spirostomum andvorticella. Their locomotion is by cilia, and all ( Full Answer )
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How does ciliophora moves?

Ciliophora, or Ciliates, move by multiple tiny, hairlike structures known as Cilia. This is where they get the name Ciliophora.
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What is the one characteristic that the phyla Zoomastigina Ciliophora Sarcodina and Sporozoa have in common?

Kingdom Protozoa posses: Ciliaphora, Sarcomastigophora, and sporozoa Sarcomastigophora are pseudopods or flagellates and contain superclass sarcodina and mastigophora...masti ( Full Answer )
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How does ciliophora role in the environment?

their role in the environment is basically just feeding on the bacteria, algae, and other smaller, organisms in their marine and freshwater habitats