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What is an analogy for cilium?

Analogy for Cilium Cilium are short "leg like" projections used formotility such as a millipede or centipede would move, except ciliumare used to move about a fluid environmen ( Full Answer )
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How do you sketch a cilium?

simply ponder about it google it and you will find that you are stuck. so u hv to google image it!! thnx for the question!
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What is the function of the Cilium in cells?

Now, let us sit back, review the workings of the cilium, and consider what it implies. Cilia are composed of at least a half dozen proteins: alpha-tubulin, beta-tubulin, dynei ( Full Answer )
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What is cilium?

The word is Latin for eyelash.. It refers to the hair-like projections on the surface of cells that are used for movement and other functions. The cells that line the cochlea ( Full Answer )
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Function of cilium?

it is microscopic and hair like, and its used to help with he movement of cells
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Do animal cells have cilium?

Animal cells have cillia because they have cilia. Cillia is hair on the animal cell. Hair is like string coming out of your body look on your hair and youll find it. The end
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What did the con cilium plebs do in ancient Rome?

The Concillium Plebis was an assembly of the plebeians which was able to pass semi-laws. Their aim was to take some of the power from the patricians, but their legislation was ( Full Answer )
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Where can cilium be found in the body?

Cilium (Latin for eyelash; the plural is cilia) Cilia are slender protuberances (projections) that project from the much larger cell body - eyelashes, for example, project ( Full Answer )
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What part of the body can cilium be found?

Cilium can be found inside human sensory glands that are in the nose and eyes. Some other forms of cilium can be found in the lungs and in the fallopian tubes of women.