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What are the elements of cinema?

The elements of cinema are screenwriting, directing,  cinematography, and editing. When used well together, along with a  good concept and team, great films can be made.
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What age do you have to be to enter a cinema alone?

Well me and my friend went in alone and we were 12 but i think it might also have sumin to do with what your watchin and the age limit on the film
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What happened to cinema bizarre?

Strify clearly stated in an interview (in french) saying that Cinema Bizarre will no longer be together, due to the fact that they want to start a new beginning (solo). All th (MORE)

What is the plural of cinema?

The noun cinema can refer to a movie theater, and has the regular plural cinemas. But the noun is also used to mean motion pictures as an art, which does not have a plural.
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Why cinema is good?

CINEMA-"changing to be a hobby of many" to talk about it is a good enterainment. mainly for the students and women in homes. we can collect the more infrmation from the cinema (MORE)

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What are the benefits of cinema? entertains us increases our vocabulary raises our awareness about social evils like child marriage,dowry,etc.... 4.historic films tell us what happened in the p (MORE)

What is commercial cinema?

Mainstream or Commercial cinema could be defined as cinema which is produced with a commercial aspect associated with it. Non-commercial and/or art movies are on the contrary (MORE)

Where is the cinema in aberdeen?

There is two. One down beside the beach next to Caddonas and the other at Union Square. I would recommend the one at the beach.
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What does TBC mean in the cinemas?

To be confirmed/concluded. You normally see this when a film is coming out but the rating has not been decided yet.
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