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What is 4d cinema?

it is a 4 dimential theater. like the ones with rubber stuff under the seat and air and vibrations and water.
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When is halo in cinema?

so far the movie isn't going to come out unless the people making it pulls their heads out and just make the stupid thing.
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What do you wear to the cinema?

obv clothes :) well it depends on who your going with.... girls - going with some1 u fancy - then wear a cute little dress with either heels or flats but id wear heel (MORE)

What is commercial cinema?

Mainstream or Commercial cinema could be defined as cinema which is produced with a commercial aspect associated with it. Non-commercial and/or art movies are on the contrary (MORE)
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Is there a cinema in Tipperary?

Tipperary town and county has cinemas. There is the Tipperary Excelin Tipperary town, the IMC in Thurles, the Omniplex in Clonmel andothers.