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Who are circassians?

ANSWER circassians are adiga people. they used to live in Russia but the Russians opened a war with them and now the state that adiga people used to live in is part of Russ ( Full Answer )
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Is Kıvanc Tatlıtug circassian?

He might because he has caucasian ethnicity and has the same small eyes and color and bone structure
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Who is Circassian Adige?

if you do know anything about the history of altiduke family they are kabardey tribe?i know that they have a river in the family name duke inside nalchik.the surname is altidu ( Full Answer )
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Where does circassian walnut grow?

Circassian Walnut grows in the north-west of Caucasus mountains on Circassian land. From the ancient times the Circassian people was cultivating this walnut.
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How DO YOU say happy birthdayin circassian?

Circassian language doesnt have the same logic as most of indo-European languages, that's why direct translation is impossible. In fact you just say that it is a pleasure that ( Full Answer )
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Does Michael Douglas have circassian ancestry?

yes his grandfather was born in Abkhazia named Jacob Danielovitch. MAYBE the most well-known person among the Abkhaz-origin people scattered throughout the world is the famous ( Full Answer )
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Why were the Circassians ethnically cleansed from Russia?

There was a fear in Russia that the Circassians, as Muslims, could rise up against the Russian Orthodox Christians on behalf of the Ottoman Empire as a fifth column. Additiona ( Full Answer )
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What does the term Circassian refer to?

The term Circassian refers to Adiga also from the word Sashkhwa meaning sharp knife in other meanings. It is a nationality for the turkish people in the early years.