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What is a circuit?

The path through which a current flows is called a circuit a electrical line that voltage runs through
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What a circuit?

A Circuit is made out of electrical components. A simple circuit is made out of a wire, a bulb a battery and (optional ) a switch. .
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What is a AND circuit?

An AND circuit is a circuit that takes two or more inputs, and generates an output that is the boolean AND function of those inputs. Two light switches in series, for instanc (MORE)
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What is close circuit and open circuit?

The electric path which starts from the positive terminal of a cell or battery ends at its negative terminal, without any break, is called closed electric circuit or complet (MORE)
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What is a closed circuit and an open circuit?

a closed circuit is a complete circuit with no breaks at all, one example:- a closed circuit occurs when you turn the light switch on an open circuit has a physical break (MORE)
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What is open circuit and short circuit?

In an open circuit, no current flows since there is no path to the load and ground. In a short circuit the supply voltage is directly connected to ground.
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Can circuit breaker isolate circuit?

That's just what a circuit-breaker is designed to do - Isolate a circuit from the rest of the system. Answer Not necessarily. A circuit breaker is a protective device, (MORE)
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What is parallel circuit and a series circuit?

A series circuit is made up of only one route through which electricity can flow, as all components are in a single loop. A parallel circuit has multiple loops and therefore (MORE)
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Why is a circuit a circuit?

The current flows from the positive of the power supply, through whatever is placed in its path eg resistor, bulb, closed switch etc to the negative terminal of the power supp (MORE)
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What a circuit is?

It's something that things or people go round and come back towhere they started from.