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What is debtors circularization?

Debtors' circularization represents an external source of evidence provided in support of the assertion of existence and to lesser extent, valuation and completeness with resp (MORE)

What is circular motion?

Circular Motion -a motion along a circular path or the motion of an  object in a circular   Example -blades of a ceiling fan when the fan is switched on.    or  (MORE)
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What is a circular chromosome?

A circular chromosome is, essentially, exactly what it sounds like: a chromosome (strand of DNA that carries the genetic information of an organism) that is circular. Circular (MORE)

What is circular debt?

Circular debt is when, to give a three-person example, A owes B, who owes C, who owes A. Circular debt relates to subsidies which the government in Pakistan is providing to (MORE)

A Cut Above: Using a Circular Saw for Basic Woodworking

Circular saws, one of the most versatile power tools available to the woodworker, make short work of cutting up a variety of wood products, including lumber and plywood. Howev (MORE)

Calculating the Circumference of a Circle

Aside from being able to solve geometry problems for school, knowing how to figure out the circumference of a circle can come in handy. The formula has plenty of everyday prac (MORE)

Straighten Up, Soldier: Spit Shine Your Shoes

Soldiers in the military take pride in their polished appearance, from their groomed hair down to their shining shoes. Traditionally, soldiers use a method to clean their shoe (MORE)

Easy Cookie Decorating Party for Kid's

During the Christmas season, there are dozens of parties you have to attend. If you have kids and it's the holidays, making cookies for those parties is a must. It is a great (MORE)

What is circular time?

The concept of circular time comes from ancient Hebrew philosophy.  It states that time is not linear, but circular, and unending.  Therefore, a clock is circular, because t (MORE)
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Why is the world circular?

because the sun has revovled around it and the sun goes areound so then the sun burns of any exact amount and then it formed like a circular shape.

What is a circular inch?

A circular inch is a unit of measure for area equal to 0.785 square  inches.
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What is a circular combination?

^ Thanks for helping kanika! I was wondering whether there is a  formula to derive the number of possible combinations (for a  circular arrangement). If you do know the answ (MORE)