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What is polar?

It can mean referring to the poles of the Earth, as in polar bear.  It can also mean separated into extremes, as in 'they disagreed  because their points of view were polar (MORE)
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What is polarized?

Polarize is to divide into sharply opposing factions. Polarized  lenses for glasses gives you a clearer view and eliminates glare.

What is the IEEE definition for circular polarization?

Here is Wikipedias definition: In electrodynamics, circular polarization of an electromagnetic wave is a polarization where the tip of the electric field vector, at a fixed p (MORE)
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What is debtors circularization?

Debtors' circularization represents an external source of evidence provided in support of the assertion of existence and to lesser extent, valuation and completeness with resp (MORE)

Are triglycerides polar or non-polar?

Triglycerides are just fats, which have both nonpolar and polar parts. The areas with carbon-oxygen bonds are fairly polar, while the carbon-hydrogen bonded areas are nonpolar (MORE)
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What is a circular chromosome?

A circular chromosome is, essentially, exactly what it sounds like: a chromosome (strand of DNA that carries the genetic information of an organism) that is circular. Circular (MORE)

Is detergent polar or non polar?

Detergent is both polar and non polar, it is able to collect the grease because of it having a non polar head. It also has a polar 'tail' which is why the globules of grease f (MORE)

Is NI3 polar or non polar?

NI3 is a polar molecule, one must remember that the lone pairs will skew the electron geometry.
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