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Is it circumstantial evidence admissible in administrative case?

  The rules under which most administrative hearings are conducted are not as strict as the rules of evidence in criminal court. Many hearing officers WILL allow hearsay t (MORE)

How much circumstantial evidence is required to convert a conspiracy theory to a conspiracy fact?

The standards of rational thought (which is what we use in the Western civilizations) is generally speaking, "A preponderance of the evidence."    Circumstantial eviden (MORE)

Difference between physical evidence and circumstantial evidence?

Physical evidence usually involves objects found at the scene of a crime. Physical evidence may consist of all sorts of prints such as fingerprints, footprints, handprints, DN (MORE)

What is latent evidence?

Capable of being but not yet in existence evidence. Latent evidence is evidence at a crime scene that cannot be seen with the eyes. Examples might be a bloos stain that was bl (MORE)

What is preponderance of evidence?

  just enough evidence to make it more likely that the plaintiff is correct
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What is evidence of probate of a will?

Evidence of probate of a will comes in the form of a judgment or order for probate and documents called Letters Testamentary. Letters Testamentary are issued by the court that (MORE)

Can circumstantial evidence be convincing evidence?

Actually, circumstantial evidence can be more convincing than eyewitness evidence. That is what the TV show CSI is all about. If we find the accused person's fingerprints at t (MORE)