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Kan Ghu Ru?

When the English settlers landed in Australia, they noticed a  strange animal that jumped extremely high and far. They asked the  aboriginal people using body language and s (MORE)

What is Ran Ran Ru?

"Ran Ran Ru" is basically the Japanese term for "Hip Hip Hooray". It's not exact, but it's practically the exact same meaning. It is also a brainwashing technique said and (MORE)

What are the lyrics for CIT Song from Meatballs?

I believe these are the lyrics: "We are the CITs so piteous, The kids are brats the food is hideous. We're gonna smoke & drink & fool around We are the ______ camp CIT (MORE)

How old do you have to be to work as a CIT at YMCA?

I'm looking too! It really depends on where you want to be the C.I.T. at.. earlier I saw them (YMCA Program summer camp I think) and asked them.. It's between the ages of 14-1 (MORE)
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What does Cit Group Inc stands for?

CIT Group provides funding, financial backing and commercial lending to small business and start-up companies. They are a publicly traded company on the New York Stock Exchan (MORE)
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What services does CIT Financial offer?

The financial offer CIT stands for Commercial Investment Trust. Which means that you must have trust with, and in your investor to make lots of money.
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Is imgsrc ru illegal?

Depends what you use it for. If your looking at naked children, they can track you down. While if your looking at pictures of sunsets in Spain, you should be fine.