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Why is The Citadel by A J Cronin called The Citadel?

It is quite simple, the citadel means building in or near town and  it is a shelter for people in war or (if it exsist at all)during  another unpleasent event.The main chara (MORE)

What is a citadel?

Citdel: A fortress for protecting a town, sometimes with a  castle in its middle. Citadels are most often used to protect a  garrison or political power from the inhabitants (MORE)

How do you enter the Citadel in Fallout 3?

You will not get in until you finish Waters of Life quest, at the very end of the quest you escort Dr Li through Taft Tunnel and she then leads you into the Citadel. Once you (MORE)

How do you get to the lich king in icecrown citadel?

Step 1: Get to the Icecrown Citadel instance, which is located at the stairs West of the Wrathgate in Icecrown. Step 2: You need to defeat all the bosses of each of the wing (MORE)

What does a broadcasting company do?

what does a broadcasting company do? well they manges TV or radio station, broadcasting is the distribution of audio and video content to a dispersed audience.

What is broadcasting for?

Broadcasting refers to the way information and entertainment is  released to the general public. If you take broadcasting in school,  you would more than likely be working i (MORE)

How durable is Citadel paint?

Answer They are reasonably durable, provided you wash the model being painted first, and then prime it. Also, a Matt or gloss varnish would improve durability.
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What is Broadcast transmission?

Sending the same signal to many different places, like a television broadcasting station. Broadcast Transmission can be over optical fibers if the same signal is delivered to (MORE)
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Where does WGAL broadcast from?

WGAL is a Lancaster-licensed broadcasting station that reaches Southern Central Pennsylvania. The broadcast transmitter is located north of Hallam, Pennsylvania.
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