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Why is the Vatican City the headquarters of Catholic Church?

Because the Pope lives there.    Roman Catholic AnswerThe Vatican Hill in Rome was where St. Peter was buried. Pope Symmachus (498-514) first built a Basilica over his to (MORE)

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Why is Adelaide known as the City of churches?

It is not known exactly when, where or why Adelaide earned the  nickname of City of Churches. It is believed to have been in use  since before 1872, when the term was quoted (MORE)
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How many churches in the city of London?

The Diocese of London lists 35 churches in The City of London. It should be noted that the 'City of London' is a small, one-square mile, part of the Metropolitan area of Lon (MORE)

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Why is Vatican City the head of the Roman Catholic Church?

Because Vatican City is where the Pope is, and the Pope is the leader of the Catholic Church because he is the successor of St. Peter, on whom the Church is built. .    Ca (MORE)