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What is the distance from London to Mexico City?

The flight distance is 8,922 Kilometers (5,544 miles) between both cities, straight-line. It requires a trip of some 11 hours or so on an airplane.
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Why is London called the city of dreams?

Let me take you to a place where there is something in the air - a city of lights - a city of dreams, fashion, glamour and romance - a heartbeat of young and old alike. One t (MORE)

Is London a city or a country?

  A city, fool! Capital of England and of the United Kingdom London is the capital city of England and the United Kingdom.
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How many churches in the city of London?

The Diocese of London lists 35 churches in The City of London. It should be noted that the 'City of London' is a small, one-square mile, part of the Metropolitan area of Lon (MORE)
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If the city of London is not London then where is London?

The City of London is the name of an area of London, where the stock markets are etc. London is a city, but the actual "City of London" is an area between East and Central Lon (MORE)

What is City of London school for boys?

  this is a school in London England for boys 10 through 18. It is also the school where   Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter) went, and the school where Skandar Amin Caspe (MORE)