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What city does Bill Gates live in?

seattle he actually live in Medina Wa. the house is huge and sits on the water at lake union across the lake from Seattle. there are lost of millionairs in the area. He buys (MORE)
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Why was Atlanta called the Gate City?

The reason that Atlanta was originally called the Gate City was because it was a commercial way station between the coastal ports and the agricultural land in and around the O (MORE)

How did Golden Gate Park get its name?

Both the park, and the famous bridge nearby, are named for the Golden Gate, the strait that connects the San Francisco Bay with the Pacific Ocean. The strait itself is named (MORE)

How do you get into the gated area in pizza city?

You can't. It's just there to tease you. To get the gold brick: In Cashola, go to the gas station. Go behind the white building below, and somewhere there there'll be a gold (MORE)