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What is civil engineering?

Civil Engineering is simply one of the discipline of engineering which deals with study of construction, design and maintenance of civil structures. For designing, planning to (MORE)

Difference between civil engineering and civil engineering technology?

Civil engineers head up civil projects and design and approve the final results. A 4 year university degree from an accredited Engineering College is required, and engineers m (MORE)

What does a research engineer do in civil engineering?

There are many possibilities. First you need a Masters or aDoctorate. By the time you finish that you will know what researchis. The possibilities for research could be in str (MORE)

Why civil engineers wants to be civil engineers?

Why do civil engineers want to be civil engineers? Because we are still kids the only difference is we have big toys. You might think I'm exaggerating but there is a good pa (MORE)

Is architectural engineering a type of civil engineering?

if we give ranking to both the engineerings, civil engg comes at number 1. architectural engg only deals with the look of the structure and not the design part. while civil en (MORE)

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