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What Dual Citizenship is and what it means for civil liberties?

Dual citizenship (as it sounds) is being a citizen of two countries. Usually, this is either due to bloodline (as in inheritance of citizenship from ones parents when born) or (MORE)

How did the KKK affect the civil liberties of the people?

As a result of their ignorance, brutality, and lawlessness, the KKK succeeded in raising the awareness of the disparities of segregation and denial of civil rights to a wider (MORE)

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What did the Family Support Act of 1988 do?

  The goals included making dependence on welfare a last resort, making child support payments a first resort, and creating a system through which low-income families coul (MORE)

What are Fundamental civil liberties?

Civil liberties are those guarentteed rights such as the right to live, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. There are rights such as freedom from slavery, torture, the righ (MORE)

What was promised to guarantee civil liberties?

To expand on the answer given above; several hundred checks and balances were designed into the system of government to protect liberties; the people who wrote the constitutio (MORE)

Who protects your civil liberties?

That is an easy one. YOU protect your civil liberties. And yours friends, and their friends, and me and my friends. It's for certain that the government is bent on taking AWAY (MORE)

What is the main difference between civil rights and civil liberties?

There are many definitions given about this difference, and in many  countries, laws and comments the terms are used in different ways.  Wikipedia for one mentions 'freedom (MORE)