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Are police considered civil service?

Yes, police are considered civil servants. Law enforcement is a civil service for the people and the government. Notice the motto, "To serve and protect". However, other juris (MORE)

What are the problems of the civil service in Nigeria?

corruption; it has eaten down to the root of the civil service in Nigeria, where recruitment is not done by merit but by knowing someone or by paying bribe to h.p.m or whoever (MORE)

Can you get a civil service job with a felony?

You cannot generally get a civil service job with a felony. There  are many companies that hire ex felons including Hilton, Embassy  Suites, Dollar Rent a Car, Wendy's and m (MORE)

When did Augustus start a civil service?

On his assumption of formal control in 27 BCE he appointed some of his Freedmen (that is freed slaves who were capable of administration) as de facto ministers of state. The i (MORE)

Is a doctor a civil service job?

It can be, if the doctor is employed by a government agency (as in  veterans care, federal research, military medicine, and some forms  of socialized healthcare). Many docto (MORE)

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