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Who was the union spy in Civil War?

There were many spies 'fighting' for the Union side in the Civil War. Too many in fact that we cannot name them all, the most popular among them include: Pauline Cushman ~ An (MORE)

Who was the union spy for the civil war?

  My greatgrandfather,Payton shields, was a spy for the union. Company D 31st Reg. Oho Vol. Inf, He was taken prionsner and sent to Andersonville and escaped. He was on th (MORE)

What advantages did the union have for the civil war?

The Union had an economy based on industry and agriculture, so it  could produce and replace its own artillery and its own food.  However, the South had no industry, so inst (MORE)

In which union states were the civil war fought?

Civil War battles were fought in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Missouri, and Kansas. They were also fought in the territories now in the states of Oklahoma, New Mexico, an (MORE)

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Who was leader of the union during the civil war?

Abraham Lincoln was president of the United States of America during the Civil War. Since he was president, he was also the Commander in Chief of the armed forces. There were (MORE)
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Who was the union in the Civil War?

They were the North. They were against states having final decisions on the public matters. They believed that all final law should be from the Federal Government and not the (MORE)

What if the union lost the Civil War?

several things could've happened 1)The people who live in Texas would be sworn enemies with Californians and Floridan would hate Maine people and so on. 2)Our lives would be (MORE)

Was the union bad in the civil war?

Deciding who was right or wrong in a war is difficult, especially if you're only taught from one point of view. Neither side should be classified as 'good' or 'bad', as both h (MORE)