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What is a civilian?

A civilian is a person who does not (or who has ceased to) take active part in hostilities. This is related to the concept of civilian immunity , which is set out in the Gene (MORE)

What is an Australian civilian?

As in most countries, a civilian is normally a person is not in the military . Accordingly, an Australian civilian would be an Australian who is not in the Australian militar (MORE)

What is bum civilian?

The most basic form of iron, also known as 'brown iron'. It has the unusual property of absorbing sound particles when it is produced by reactions with sulfuric acid. -HERETI (MORE)

Civilian in a sentence?

The officer dressed in civilian clothing. Civilian life was difficult for a retired Army officer to adjust to. The Marine was dating a civilian. The civilian did not und (MORE)

What is a civilian soldier?

Civilians and soldiers are two entirely different things. The term 'citizen soldier' is commonly used in reference to members of the Army Reserve and Army National Guard, give (MORE)

What is a US civilian?

a person who doesnot take active part in hostilities. Another Answer: Any US citizen that is not in the military.
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Can we safeguard civilians?

warga sipil perlu dilindungi dengan berbagai regulasi yang mengutamakan hak-hak dasar warga sipil dibanding dengan warga lainnya. perlindungan terhadap warga sipil di daerah k (MORE)
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What is civilian regime?

a civilian regime refers to that period of time were by the administering of governmental affairs or activities is in the hands of people who are not in the military
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What is a civilian letter?

A civilian letter refers to someone who used to be in the military who is no longer. For examples, please refer to the related link.