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Is there skiing in Italy?

There are lots of ski resorts in Italy, including some of the largest in the world (Dolomiti Superski). Remember that Italy has some of the highest mountain in western Europe, (MORE)
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What is there to do in Italy?

There are so many things to do in Italy! The problem is deciding which cities to spend your time in. In Florence, you can climb the Duomo stairs to see the entire city, you ca (MORE)

What is meant by Civitas Terrena?

The early Christian Philosophy of Augustine of Hippo was by and large a rewrite of Plato in a Christian context. Augustine preached that one was not a member of his or her cit (MORE)
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How do you get to Italy?

Depends on where you're starting from, how fast you want to get  there, and how much you want to spend. Italy is in Europe, so if  you're on another continent it'd probably (MORE)
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Who is the Pope in Italy?

There is only one Pope for the Catholic Church, and he is currently  Pope Benedict XVI, Joseph Ratzinger of Germany; he lives in the  Vatican City State, which is sovereign (MORE)
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What religions do they have in Italy?

There are different religions in Italy. The biggest religion in  Italy is Catholicism. They also have Christian, Pentecostal,  Evangelical, Assembly of God, Baptists, Sevent (MORE)
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Where is Italy?

Italy is the boot-shaped country in Western Europe which is  bordered by France, Switzerland, Austria, and Slovenia. Italy is  located on the north central Mediterranean Sea (MORE)

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