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How do you make clabbered milk?

Clabbered milk is also called fermented milk, curdled milk, and sometimes buttermilk. It has also been called yogurt, kefir, or matzone. It is thick and curdy milk. You can ma (MORE)
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Where does the name Clabber girl come from?

The Clabber Girl name brand comes from the word clabber which means clabbered milk (sour milk). Back in the early 1800s, people mixed clabber with pearl ash, soda, cream of ta (MORE)
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How do you use clabber milk in a sentence?

Clabber is a verb and should be used as such. Milk clabbers when vinegar is added! Clabbering milk is the easiest way to separate the fat. Milk is sometimes clabbered b (MORE)
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Where was the original Clabber Girl located?

I am the Clabber girl museum tour guide. Clabber girl is owned by Hulman and Company. Hulman and Company started in Cincinnati Ohio in 1848 and moved to Terre Haute Indiana in (MORE)