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What are ghost towns?

Ghost Towns are very old towns. It is believed that the past people who lived there died and are haunting the town. Ghost towns are considered ghostly due to the fact that no (MORE)

How do you make a town center in Empire Earth?

  First of all, you need 5 citizens to build a settlement. After building a settlement you must populate all 5 of your citizens inside your settlement. Left click on the p (MORE)
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What is a backwater town?

sleeping town where nothin happens and that has a feeling that time itself has stopped

What can you do at lavender town?

You can catch a few Pokemon in the tower next to the Pokemon centre, there is gastly, haunter and cubone inside. you can get the Pokemon flute after beating team rocket so you (MORE)

Where is abercrombie in easton town center?

at the easton town center mall? once you get there there are tons of maps     I live in Easton, and the only clothing store here is TJ Maxx, and that is not even in the (MORE)

Why was the cathedral the center of Medieval Towns?

Medieval towns did not have cathedrals in them. In the earlier parts of the Middle Ages, the defining feature of a city was the presence of a cathedral. Later, a town could al (MORE)

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