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What clade is the sea lily in?

Back in the Ordovician era, the Eocystoids were establishing a foothold in the oceans. It is from that clade that all the crinoids are thought to be descended. The sea lily, (MORE)
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What does a clade consist of?

The concept clade is commonly defined as "an ancestor and all its descendants. However, this definition states that the concept terms a class (i.e., clade ) of a kind of (MORE)
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What clade do humans belong to?

Mammals Humans are indeed members of the class Mammalia(which is a monophyletic group), however they are also member of many more clades such as Animalia, Chordata, Vertebr (MORE)
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A clade consist of?

A clade consists of several entities in a single entity, which is an instance of a class. It means that a clade is contradictory between being an entity and a class, and thus (MORE)
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A clade consists of what?

A clade consists of a set of entities, which is an instance of a class. It means that it is contradictory between entity and class , and thus that it is a contradiction, th (MORE)
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Is bacteria a clade?

Bacteria is a clade if you (or anyone else) say it is. However, neither biodiversity nor anything else can be non-contradictory partitioned into clades, so the question does n (MORE)
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Is the kingdom protista a true clade?

No, the 'Kingdom' Protista is not a clade or monophyletic group at all, most likely. It could be that it should be divided into about 60 separate kingdoms. 'Protista' was used (MORE)
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What are clades?

Question (To elaborate on my question) . I know that a clade is a group of organisms consisting of a common ancestor and all its descendants But doesn't every living thing (MORE)
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What is the definition for iron clade?

"Iron clade" means nothing. -Ironclad was a kind of warship about 120 years ago and is also a word for a very strong agreement.
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How do you describe a Clade?

Monophyletic groups in the tree of life. Must be an ancestor andall of its descendants (monophyletic).