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What awards did Clara Barton get?

Clara Barton received the Cross of Imperial Russia, the  International Red Cross Medal, and the Iron Cross. The awarding of  the Iron Cross by the Kingdom of Prussia was esp (MORE)
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Who is Clara in the Nutcracker?

Clara is one of the main parts in the nutcracker. She is a young girl who gets a nutcracker for christmas. Her brother brakes it and she has a dream about her nutcracker comin (MORE)

How did Clara Barton show courage?

Clara Barton was important for many different reasons. The most obvious and important one is that she helped many wounded soldiers during the Civil War. Not only the Yankee's (MORE)

Did the Indians at Santa Clara revolt?

Yes they did. That is because some Indians didn't like what the people did at the mission. Some wanted to keep back the religious beliefs. Some Indians were born at the missio (MORE)

What rhymes with Clara?

Sara iz thee only thing that rhymes wit Clara so thinkk of wordss that rhyme wit sara
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What is the location of mara Clara shooting?

shooting of mara clara? nasa Our Lady of Fatima University at sa Marist School sa may Antipolo Rizal...
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What did Clara Barton wear?

She wore a long dark Green dress With a white school shirt underneath . She also wore a white apron on top with a large Red + (a medical sign) .
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What did Clara Barton's siblings teach her?

  Clara's sisters taught her complementary skills, since her older sisters were teachers. Clara's brothers taught her how to ride horses and other things that at the time (MORE)