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What does Clarence mean?

CLARENCE   Gender: Masculine   Usage: English   Pronounced: KLER-ents [key]   From the Latin title Clarensis which belonged to members of the British royal family. (MORE)

Was Clarence Darrow an atheist?

Darrow is widely recognised as having had a deeply antagonistic view of religion, based on an almost childlike understanding of the subject.  He claimed he was an agnostic, (MORE)

Does Clarence Williams III have children?

He was married to Tyne Daly and they have twin daughters. So, he has at least two children. Tyne Daly was NOT married to Clarence Williams III. She was married to Georg Stanf (MORE)

Has clarence thomas retired?

No, Clarence Thomas is still a Justice of the Supreme Court. Appointed in 1991, he has served on the Court for 18 years. Currently aged 62, Thomas will most likely continue hi (MORE)

How do you spell Clarence?

That is the usual spelling of the male given name Clarence. Rarer variants include Clarance, Clarens, and Klarenz.
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What is Clarence Frogman Henry famous for?

Clarence "Frogman" Henry was a rhythm and blues musician. He was recognized by the Rockabilly Hall of fame for his contribution to the genre. In addition, he is famous for ope (MORE)