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What does a water clarifier do?

Clarifiers are chemicals that can be modified with small changes in pH so that they will form bulky hydroxides in the water. As the hydroxides age they shrink and become less (MORE)

What is clarifying?

To clarify is to melt the butter and separate the solids from the oil.The clear part is referred to as drawn butter, and in Indian cuisine is known as ghee. Clarify is si (MORE)
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What is a clarifier?

Clarifiers are settling tanks built with mechanical things forcontinuous removal of solids being deposited by sedimentation fromthe bottom of the tank are known as sludge.

What is a clarifier and how does it work?

A clarifier in wastewater treatment is the primary process to separate solids and water. Clarifiers are designed in a variety of shapes, but primarily for large wastewater tre (MORE)

What is clarifying question?

A clarifying question is one where you are asking about what someone has said or written; you think you know the answer but you are just making sure. An example would be, "Don (MORE)

Why do you clarify butter?

Clarified butter is butter that has had the water and milk solids removed. Two of the advantages of clarified butter are a higher smoke point and longer shelf life.

Can you clarify margarine?

No - clarification (of butter) involves removing the milk solids from the butter; milk solids become obvious when the butter melts. Margarine is a oil and water emulsification (MORE)

How do you clarify arthropoda?

Likely the intent is "classify" (to clarify is to make clear, or toexplain). Arthropda fall under Metazoa (Animalia); Eumetazoa;Bilateria; Protostomia; Ecdysozoa; Panarthropod (MORE)