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What is clarified butter?

I forget what it's called but the fat you see when you melt butter  the white fat that floats on the top is skimmed off. Leaving only  the yellowy smelly nast that is clarif (MORE)
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What is a clarifying shampoo?

Clarifying shampoo is a type of strong shampoo. It is stronger than  normal shampoo because it is formulated to remove buildup, dirt,  and oil.   Clarifying shampoos are (MORE)

Can you clarify margarine?

No - clarification (of butter) involves removing the milk solids from the butter; milk solids become obvious when the butter melts. Margarine is a oil and water emulsification (MORE)

Why do you clarify butter?

Clarified butter is butter that has had the water and milk solids removed. Two of the advantages of clarified butter are a higher smoke point and longer shelf life.
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What is a clarifier and how does it work?

A clarifier in wastewater treatment is the primary process to separate solids and water. Clarifiers are designed in a variety of shapes, but primarily for large wastewater tre (MORE)

How do you put clarify in a sentence?

If you don't understand the directions, ask the teacher to clarify them for you. Unsure of how to proceed, we asked the accountant to clarify several items on the new tax fo (MORE)

What is clarify CRM?

Clarify CRM was a powerful help desk and call center automation solution that dominated the market in the late 1990s. Since being acquired by Amdocs in 2002, Clarify CRM has e (MORE)

How do you clarify an answer?

  You can add more information to an answer by clicking the green 'Improve Answer' button below an answer. Soon, the button will actually be blue.
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What does a water clarifier do?

Clarifiers are chemicals that can be modified with small changes in pH so that they will form bulky hydroxides in the water. As the hydroxides age they shrink and become less (MORE)