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Example of clarity?

Clarity is something that is understood easily. There are differentexamples of what clarity is since everyone understands thingsdifferently. One example would be if you did no ( Full Answer )
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What is I clarity diamond?

Diamonds are graded in four ways: usually called the 4 Cs: color, carat weight, cut and clarity. The most important aspects are: color and clarity: . Clarity ranges ru ( Full Answer )
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A sentence for clarity?

Norma ensures that the needs of women cricketers are voiced within the Foundation with admirable clarity.
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What is a moment of clarity?

A moment of clarity is when you suddenly get a deep understanding of some truth that's been out of reach for you. When your vision becomes unclouded and focused by a mad rush ( Full Answer )
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What is clarity in writing?

Clarity in writing is stating clearly your plot, characters, and setting. Teachers often call this "staying on topic" or being blunt.
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What is water clarity?

Water clarity is a measure of the amount of sunlight that can penetrate through the water
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What is the term clarity?

A diamond's clarity refers to how many inclusions (spots and flaws) are in a stone. Fewer inclusions means a more valuable diamond but flaws don't necessarily reduce a diamond ( Full Answer )
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What is the possessive of clarity?

The possessive form of the noun clarity is clarity's . example: The clarity's grade is excellent.
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What is you clarity on a diamond?

If by 'you' you mean 'U', and you're query is about clarity and not colour, it is possible that 'U' indicates unenhanced. Unenhanced diamonds are more valuable than enhanced ( Full Answer )
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What is the adverb for clarity?

The noun clarity has the related adverb form "clearly." (clarity is normally synonymous with clearness )