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What is a moment of clarity?

A moment of clarity is when you suddenly get a deep understanding of some truth that's been out of reach for you. When your vision becomes unclouded and focused by a mad rush (MORE)

What is a garnet gemstone's clarity?

Gemstone clarity can be divided into three major groups or clarity types. Type I gemstones are often inclusion free, type II gemstones are normally have a few or minor inclusi (MORE)

What is I clarity diamond?

Diamonds are graded in four ways: usually called the 4 Cs: color, carat weight, cut and clarity. The most important aspects are: color and clarity: Clarity ranges runs from (MORE)
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What is gemstone clarity?

Gemstone clarity is how transparent it is. The less cloudy it is, the higher the clarity and the greater the value (in most cases, some star-sapphires and star-rubies are mor (MORE)