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Example of clarity?

Clarity is something that is understood easily. There are differentexamples of what clarity is since everyone understands thingsdifferently. One example would be if you did no (MORE)

What is I clarity diamond?

Diamonds are graded in four ways: usually called the 4 Cs: color, carat weight, cut and clarity. The most important aspects are: color and clarity: . Clarity ranges ru (MORE)
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What is gemstone clarity?

Gemstone clarity is how transparent it is. The less cloudy it is, the higher the clarity and the greater the value (in most cases, some star-sapphires and star-rubies are mor (MORE)

What is the term clarity?

A diamond's clarity refers to how many inclusions (spots and flaws) are in a stone. Fewer inclusions means a more valuable diamond but flaws don't necessarily reduce a diamond (MORE)
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What is the adverb for clarity?

The noun clarity has the related adverb form "clearly." (clarity is normally synonymous with clearness )