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What is a garnet gemstone's clarity?

Gemstone clarity can be divided into three major groups or clarity types. Type I gemstones are often inclusion free, type II gemstones are normally have a few or minor inclusi (MORE)

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Where can one buy Clarity phones from?

Clarity phones are special phones for those who have hearing disabilities which amplify the sound so the user can better hear it. They can be obtained directly from the Clari (MORE)

What is I clarity diamond?

Diamonds are graded in four ways: usually called the 4 Cs: color, carat weight, cut and clarity. The most important aspects are: color and clarity: Clarity ranges runs from (MORE)
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What is gemstone clarity?

Gemstone clarity is how transparent it is. The less cloudy it is, the higher the clarity and the greater the value (in most cases, some star-sapphires and star-rubies are mor (MORE)

What does clarity mean in a diamond?

Clarity for a diamond describes the number and amount of flaws or inclusions in a stone. Perfect clarity -- the lack of any flaws or inclusions -- is called Flawless, or Inter (MORE)

Which Rifle scope has the best clarity?

It is hard to measure exactly but scopes with coated plastic lines are typically regarded as the best. Swarovski and Zeiss are two companies that are regarded as very reliable (MORE)