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What is the origin of the word 'recto'?

The word 'recto', meaning either the right-hand page of an open book, or the front of a loose document, comes to us from the Latin recto folio, 'on the right leaf', and is con (MORE)

How can you go to Ue Recto if you come from Bulacan?

Go to nearest LRT1 station, probably balintawak station, take the LRT1baclaran bound, get off D. Jose station, walk to LRT2 recto station using the connected elevated pedestri (MORE)

What does claro mean?

When used as an adjective, it could mean a variety of things such as "clear," "light," "pale," or "fair." When used as an adverb, it means "clearly."   Note- Sometimes it i (MORE)

What is the greatest M and M flavor?

  By far the best M&M flavor is the least well known. The new gourmet line are very different but the soft texture just isn't the same. The classics are great as well. Nev (MORE)

What is recto law?

Article 1484 incorporates Act No. 4122 better known as "Recto law" or installment sales law, in which the vendor can exercise the following remedies. 1. Exact fulfillment, s (MORE)

What does M in floor M stand for?

it means mezzanine floor, a floor which is between the ground floor and the first floor.
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Who own reed bank or recto bank?

the philippines of course, but other greedy country want to grab this island from us
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What is the history of laperal apartments in recto?

The Laperal Apartments was located in CM Recto, in the capital city of the Philippines. Its history include being family owned with a variety store at its ground floor to cate (MORE)