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What is a class?

class is summation of data member and data types(basically known as instance variable of a class). making a class is basically an encapsulation under various access specifiers (MORE)
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What is class?

Class is a template that defines a particular type of object. Classes contain all the features of particular set of objects. We can use the class definition to create objects (MORE)

What is the class?

There are a great many different things that could be consideredthe class. The class could be considered a group of children.

How do you get an A in class?

study a lot, take good notes, pay attention in class, put effort into all your work, never do anything at the last second (homework/projects) always do your homework

Who are in your class?

This question is supposed to mean who are in MY class now I just did this for fun but here it goes.. Maggie(me). Yiling. Lily. Mina. Michelle. Jacqueline. Beverly. (MORE)
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What to do in class?

This is what you have to do in class you have to followdirctions,listen to the teacher, communicate to fellow students do work on time, cooparate,remember to remember what you (MORE)

Class a and class c misdemeanor?

In general, a class A misdemeanor is punishable by up to one year in county jail, and up to a $4000 fine. A class C misdemeanor is essentially a ticket punishable by fine only (MORE)

How can you get out of class?

this is coming from a kid to get out of class easy if you sit beside the door or near the door than you can sneak of while the teacher is not looking but if you don't make a s (MORE)
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How do you get no class?

I know it is impossible but there is a thing to make you have no class. First buy a new class in a chat server then you have to open a new tab then login in a non-chat server (MORE)
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How can get A in a class?

Show up, Pay Attention, Take notes, Do your work, and hand it in on time.