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What is avid class for?

A.V.I.D. is a class that not only gets you to college, but (if your willing to do the work) helps get you into a 4-year university. This class is great and keeps you organized (MORE)

Classes as the base class of it self?

Classes are not base class of itself. Every class in Java is a derived class. Every class in Java has 'Object' as the Superclass. The Object class is the only class in JAVA th (MORE)

What is the difference between in class and in the class?

Grammaticality there is some difference as the first one, "in class", is a little bit ambiguous. "In class" can mean both "In a class" and "In the class" but unless the class (MORE)

What is a private class?

A private class is a class that cannot be directly accesed from outside its outer class, similar to a private variable or method. This means that a private class must always b (MORE)

What is MUWebControl Class?

MUWebControl Class is an element of a Microsoft Web security  process. It should not be removed from the hard drive but an  anti-virus scan can be ran if it is suspected tha (MORE)

What is an anonymous class?

An anonymous class is a local class without a name. An anonymous class is defined and instantiated in a single succinct expression using the new operator. While a local class (MORE)
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What to do in class?

  This is what you have to do in class you have to followdirctions,listen to the teacher, communicate to fellow students do work on time, cooparate,remember to remember w (MORE)
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Is class an adjective?

No. Class (style) is a noun, but it is sometimes used in place of  the adjective 'classy' (sophisticated, upscale) in  terms such as "a class act."   Similarly, class (n (MORE)