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What was Latin America in World War 2?

Latin America (Central and South America) were generally uninvolved in world war 2. Lacking funds and a significant military force, and not being considered any sort of threat (MORE)

How is classic car insurance classic?

Classic car insurance differs from traditional car insurance in that traditional auto insurance is based on a vehicle's depreciating value. Classic cars tend to increase in v (MORE)

What is Latin?

Latin is a dead language, originally from Italy. It is the ancestor of so called Latin languages, such as Italian, French and Spanish. It had a major influence on English too. (MORE)

Do you win anything if you have 2 of the six numbers on the Ohio classic lottery?

Unfortunately matching 2 numbers isn't enough to qualify for a  prize in the Ohio Classic Lottery. The Prize categories are as  such:   1st prize - 6 matching numbers, o (MORE)

What is and in Latin?

The most common word for "and" in Latin is probably "et," although there are other words that mean "and" in Latin. To name a few, "ac," "atque," and "-que." The last one is an (MORE)