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What is classical art?

Answer . Classical art dates back to as early as 500 B.C. during the rise of the Greek Empire. The Greeks celebrated the human figure through sculpture in highly naturalist (MORE)

Why classical conditioning is called classical?

Probably because it was the first kind of conditioning to be demonstrated and studied. See Pavlov As eluded to above, classical conditioning is called such because it was (MORE)

Why is classical music called classical?

In the mid 18th century, Europe (the heart of art and music) moved into a new "formally elegant" style called Classicism. Classicism actually originated during the Renaissance (MORE)

What are classical classical forms?

Musical "forms" are the structure (or frame) of which a piece is made of as a composition is divided into sections. There's 8 of what's known as "Single Forms". You'd probab (MORE)

Is classic a genre?

Classical is most definately, know this because that was all my sister ever listened to when she was a child, actually she still does
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What is classics?

It is the study of ancient civilizations e.g Greece, Rome, Mesopotamia etc... If you are looking to study the topic, you'll likely peruse ancient artefacts and texts on so on. (MORE)

How is classic car insurance classic?

Classic car insurance differs from traditional car insurance in that traditional auto insurance is based on a vehicle's depreciating value. Classic cars tend to increase in v (MORE)