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What is the definition for classroom management?

What does “classroom management” mean? Renowned American educators   Carolyn M. Evertson and Carol S. Weinstein define classroom management   as “the actions tea (MORE)

What are classroom rules?

It depends what year,these are the main. 1.No students to be aloud in the classroom without teacher or teacher permission. 2.Respect yourself and others. 3.Treat others th (MORE)

How can teachers manage classrooms?

  Answer   Teachers manage classrooms in many ways. Organize materials, create effective lesson plans, structure your schedule and time, incorporate a behavior mana (MORE)
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What are some classroom management techniques?

Some techniques include keeping a positive tone in the classroom at all times and using simple hand gestures to prevent to much talking at once. Keeping humor in the class als (MORE)

What is an adjective for classroom?

The word classroom is a noun and has no direct adjective form.  Typically the noun is used as an attributive noun preceding the  other nouns, as in classroom supplies, class (MORE)

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What are the manual of instruction and make kit list for use by teachers to manage classrooms corridor school building securitybusetc.?

instruction to deal with any accident in  school or in the bus.  While getting  down from the bus,take care of the vehicles which are passing.  2)The  students should mov (MORE)