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What is Claustrophobia?

Claustrophobia is the fear of small spaces or being lockedinto a small space without an escape route. A person who is scared of tight places is a 'claustrophobe' (n.).
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What is the opposite of claustrophobia?

You are asking for the opposite of claustrophobia which people mistakenly think is agoraphobia which translates, "fear of the marketplace" but it really means that the person ( Full Answer )
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Sentences with claustrophobia in it?

Sarah has claustrophobia and if she gets stuck into a small place she would often scream and shout and cry!
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How do you get claustrophobia?

its when you are afraid of small spaces and cant breath in that space. Or The fear of being in an enclosed space. Like an elevator or a closet. You might feel like you wi ( Full Answer )
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How do you get rid of claustrophobia?

It is proven to scientists that to get rid of claustrophobia is to face the fear yourself -- go into a small space you're uncomfortable in, if you can't breathe, you have to c ( Full Answer )
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Claustrophobia in a sentence?

People do not believe I have claustrophobia . I needed to leave because of my claustrophobia. .
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Why was Justin bieber claustrophobia?

Because when he was little he was playing with his cousin when he locked Justin inside a toybox he's had it ever since then
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Can claustrophobia be cured?

well... it can kinda be cured if you go in small places a lot and you realize there is nothing to not like about it then you are cured.
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Why does claustrophobia happen?

It happens When a person feels that too much people are around them in one area. However, not everyone suffers from Claustrophobia, only people who have a phobia of being with ( Full Answer )
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How do you beat Claustrophobia?

There are a lot of ways on how to beat Claustrophobia but there isone effective and proven way that I experienced. This isClaustrophobia hypnosis session, it is designed to he ( Full Answer )