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Who is clay aiken?

Clay Aiken is a multiplatinum award-winning singer, known for his  2nd place win in American Idol (season 2), with sources stating he  was just 134 000 votes behind first-pl (MORE)

What is a clay bar?

  Clay Bars are used to remove Paint Contamination, Overspray and Industrial Fallout.   What is paint contamination?   Paint contamination is tiny metal shavings fro (MORE)
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Does clay dissolve?

Yes, certain types of clay can dissolve in water. These types of  clays are not fired, non oil based clays, but natural and air dried  clays.
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What is a primary clay?

Primary clays have a coarse texture and are often blended with other materials to make them easier to work. Kaolin is an example of a primary clay.

Who is Clay Madson?

Clay Madsen was a talented football and baseball player who was diagnosed with cancer during his junior year at Round Rock High School. Additionally, he was a star student an (MORE)

How do you waterproof clay?

Clay is pretty waterproof already, but to make it truly so, dry it  and bake a glaze on it inside and out.
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What is clay-do and grits?

aydo is a homemade version of paydough that consists of flour salt cornstarch and white glue. You probably got the question from an everybody hates chris episode where they th (MORE)

Where to get polymer clay?

You can get polymer clay at Michael's and Hobby Lobby almost guaranteed, it is most likely available at other craft stores as well. It costs about 2.50 for brands like sculpey (MORE)

How do you get clay in Minecraft?

First off, find a river. They will generate randomly, so just walk  and find one. Then swim to the bottom, until you find a black that  looks like gray dirt. That is clay. D (MORE)