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Where can you get clay?

Go to the mine in Southern Varrock and mine it, then add water to it to make soft clay. Or you could just buy it at G.E.
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Where do you get clay from?

Well you will have to mine it. Mining it sounds pretty deep in the ground! In most places if you go into the garden and dig away the top layer of earth, which may only be 12 i (MORE)
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Is all clay throwing clay?

No, every clay has different characteristics. Porcelain for example is extremely elastic. When throwing porcelain on the wheel you can make it really thin. The texture is simi (MORE)

How do you adhere clay to clay?

It probably depends on what kind of clay you're using but when I did pottery in high school we made "slip" which was just basically very watered down clay. Then we scratched (MORE)

How is clay prepared?

You have to kneed it before you can put it in to the kiln to perform a pot because if you haven't prepare it then you could risk it exploding in the kiln which could make all (MORE)