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What is a clear span?

  Clear span is the distance between bearing walls. If you have two walls that are a total of 20 feet apart out-to-out, and they are both made of 8" block, the clear span (MORE)

How do you clear a pimple?

The best thing to do is to NOT touch it, squeeze it, scratch it or play with it - just leave it alone! after a while, you will be able to judge for yourself when it is ready t (MORE)
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Why do you clear in badminton?

You clear in badminton to get the birdie far and high. It also puts  your opponent at the back of the court if you land a good clear.
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What is clear broth?

  Clear broth is often give to very sick people because their stomachs are weak and anything stronger will be expelled. Clear Broth means there is nothing else floating (MORE)

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How is a crime cleared?

  By its solution. A crime is only "open" unless it cannot be proven who it was that committed it.
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What is clear and colorless?

  These terms are usually applied to descriptions of chemicals, particularly liquids. A synonym for clear is transparent, one can see through it. However something clear i (MORE)
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Why is glass clear?

Glass is clear because of the minerals. Rocks and Minerals get melted in a huge container and they let it cool. Then it just hardens and you get that clear view from the melte (MORE)
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Clear stool - what is it?

A clear stool is usually of mucous-like consistency and may be  slightly gelatinous. It could be due to an infection, bowel  obstruction or irritable bowel syndrome.