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Why is water clear?

First of all, let us consider the possible reasons for a material not to be clear - it has to interact with, and disrupt the path of light that hits it. The main reasons are t (MORE)

What bell replaced the Liberty Bell?

Answer   The Liberty Bell was replaced by the Centenial Bell in 1876. The Centenial Bell still hangs in Independence Hall to this day. The Liberty Bell stands as a great (MORE)

What is the opposite of clear?

Clear (understandable) has the opposites unclear, obtuse, or puzzling Clear (away from) has opposites proximate, near, or close Clear (transparent) has opposites opaque, clo (MORE)

Is blood clear?

No blood is not clear it's a purple to blue color before it hit oxygen that's why when you look at your veins there blue and when you cut or scratch your self the blood comes (MORE)
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Why do you clear in badminton?

You clear in badminton to get the birdie far and high. It also puts  your opponent at the back of the court if you land a good clear.
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Where to find the clear bell in HeartGold?

To find the clear bell in Pokemon Heart Gold, first you have to find all the kimono girls. Once you have beaten all the gyms, you go to Ecruteak city, and battle all the Kimon (MORE)