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What is cleavage?

Mineral Cleavage: Cleavage is one characteristic of minerals that refers to the tendency to split along planes of weakness. Female Cleavage: The space between a woman' ( Full Answer )
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What is a Cleavage?

in the development of an human embryo, the fertilized egg travels and once fertilization has occured the fertilized egg or zygote undergoes repeated mitotic cell division call ( Full Answer )
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What is cleavage furrow?

Cleavage Furrow is a groove in the plasma membrane between daughternuclei "The cleavage furrow is an actin rich "purse sting" that drawstight to separate daughter cells to c ( Full Answer )
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What is the definition of cleavage?

The space between a womans breasts, especially if they're pushed up and close to each other This can be the separation between a womans breasts or,geologically, (1) a metamorp ( Full Answer )
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Where is cleavage?

Cleavage is a mineral's tendency to break along flat, parallel surfaces (cleavage planes). Excellent cleavage direction reflects light in one direction, it is considered basa ( Full Answer )
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Can you get cleavage?

In one sense, cleavage is the hollow space between a woman's breasts revealed by a low neckline. Most women develop the appearance of cleavage although less endowed women can ( Full Answer )
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What is DNA cleavage?

at the maturity the DNA starts to become narrow in the middle and finally it is divided into two parts just like chromosomes
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Why does cleavage occur?

when cleavage shows it is when a girl wants to show a boy what they got like a bikini it shows almost everything .
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What cleavage does sandstone have?

Cleavage is a property of minerals. Sandstone is a rock type. As such it doesn't have the property of cleavage. Cleavage is a metamorphic fabric. Sandstone is not a metamorphi ( Full Answer )
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What you a cleavage?

A cleavage is the area down the middle of an object, usually referred to the area in-between the left and right breasts of a human woman.