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What is cleavage?

Mineral Cleavage: Cleavage is one characteristic of minerals that refers to the tendency to split along planes of weakness. Female Cleavage: The space between a woman' (MORE)
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What is a Cleavage?

in the development of an human embryo, the fertilized egg travels and once fertilization has occured the fertilized egg or zygote undergoes repeated mitotic cell division call (MORE)
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Can rocks have cleavage?

Yes. Cleavage (referring to rocks) is the tendency to break along its crystal planes, thus reflecting it's mineralogy. Not all rocks have cleavage.

What is the cleavage of coal?

Coal does not have much cleavage, at least most sides. Since most coal basially has the same atomic structure (of it even is the same type of coal), I'd say coal has poor clea (MORE)

Where is cleavage?

Cleavage is a mineral's tendency to break along flat, parallel surfaces (cleavage planes). Excellent cleavage direction reflects light in one direction, it is considered basa (MORE)
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Can you get cleavage?

In one sense, cleavage is the hollow space between a woman's breasts revealed by a low neckline. Most women develop the appearance of cleavage although less endowed women can (MORE)
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What is cleavage of gold?

Gold does not have a cleavage it has a fracture: The type of fracture is hackly or jagged. Cleavage usually relates to crystals (although cleaving crystals can also be made (MORE)
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What you a cleavage?

A cleavage is the area down the middle of an object, usually referred to the area in-between the left and right breasts of a human woman.