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What happend to the lighthouse of Alexandria?

After being completed in 247 BCE, it lasted about 1,500 years. Two earthquakes in the fourteenth century, one in 1303 and one in 1323 succeeded in causing formidable damage. T (MORE)
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What is the history of Alexandria?

In ancient times, Alexandria was one of the most famous cities in the world. It was founded around a small pharaonic town c. 331 BC by Alexander the Great. It remained Egypt's (MORE)

What is the lighthouse of Alexandria?

The lighthouse of Alexandria (also called the Pharos of Alexandria) is a lighthouse that lit the way for sailors into the tricky harbor on the island of Pharos. The lighthouse (MORE)

Where was the lighthouse of Alexandria?

The light house of Alexandria stood on Pharos Island in the East Harbour of Alexandria, the second largest town of Egypt. Founded by Alexander the Great, Alexandria lies on th (MORE)

What country is Alexandria in?

Alexandria is in Egypt and is the second largest city with over 3.5  million people living there. It is located on the southern coast of  the Mediterranean Sea. Alexandria i (MORE)

What country is Alexandria?

There are several places with the name Alexandria in the world but the most well known one is in Egypt.
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