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What does cleric mean?

n. 1. A clerk, a clergyman. a. 1. Same as Clerical. . Related Words . preacher, rector, reverend, servant of God, shepherd, sky pilot, supply clergy, supply minis (MORE)

What is your clerical speed?

The term "clerical speed" is not well defined. Clerks do many different things and the speed with which they do those things is not measured the same way. In other words, you (MORE)
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What is clerical perception?

The ability to perceive pertinent detail in verbal or tabular material; to proofread words and numbers.

What was the role of a cleric?

The word cleric is related to the word clergy, and originally meant a clergyman, or specifically a person who had been ordained to be a deacon, priest, or bishop. In time, the (MORE)

What is the correct build for the cleric in Maplestory?

I'm not sure what you mean about "correct build" but i think your talking about stats, and skills. You should only put in Int and Luk. mostly Int. I use the auto thingy mabob (MORE)

What is a clerical procedure?

It is an activity that involves action by a clerk or otherindividual, typically involving documentation or administrativefunctions. It can be compiling, notation, acknowledgem (MORE)
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Can anyone wear a clerical collar?

No, it is reserved for ministers of religion who have been ordained (or in the case of religious male orders, who have consecrated their lives to God). Students for the priest (MORE)