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What is the difference in clerical work and administrative work?

Clerical work includes assignments that can typically be performed by most workers in a modern organization; although many may not have the time to do so. Assignments like typ (MORE)
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What are the cleric generals in castle age?

Eleida, she has +20 heal when healing and a higher degree of attack/defense Sanna, when you win a battle using her you give your gate +14 (other generals only give +10.)
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Who are the two leading clerics who were prominent during the Iraq war?

Ayatollah Ali as-Sistani, the Chief Ayatollah of Iraq and Sayyed Muqtada as-Sadr one of the most persuasive Shiite leaders in Iraq. Ali as-Sistani was very important in gett (MORE)

What is Geoffrey Chaucer's opinion on the Oxford cleric?

Chaucer describes the Cleric as a knowledgeable young student who would do anything to gain more knowledge. Chaucer seems to like this young man's thirst for information and h (MORE)

Who is the Oxford cleric in the Canterbury Tales?

In Chaucer's Canterbury Tales, the Oxford Cleric is a  peasant-born student who is more rich in knowledge than money.  Quiet and reserved, the Cleric borrows what money he c (MORE)

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What is clerical duties?

Clerical duties may include answering phones and emails. They may  also include making copies of documents and handling scheduling for  the office.
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What clerical skill should be listed onto a resume?

Typing speed, stenographic abilities. Data Entry Experience. Computer knowledge, ie. Word, Excell, Power Point, etc. Business College Attended. Telephonic experience with numb (MORE)