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How far is Ravenna Ohio from Cleveland Ohio?

The distance mentioned between the above mentioned places is 40.33mi . This is an approximate driving distance. The actual driving distance may differ according to the path ch (MORE)

How far is it from Cleveland Ohio to Youngstown Ohio?

It is 95.21 kilometres (59.16 miles) as the Crow Flys or in straight lines between two points on a Map. Road mileage is often quite a different set of numbers. The mileage p (MORE)

Is Cleveland Ohio named after Grover Cleveland?

No. Cleveland , Ohio was named for Gen. Moses Cleaveland who headed the party that surveyed the area and laid out plans to develop the city in 1796, The spelling of changed in (MORE)

How long is it from Cleveland Ohio to Cincinnati Ohio?

Driving about 4 hours depending on traffic at legal speeds. If one is driving from the northern Cincinnati area to the southern Cleveland area, it is possible to make the trip (MORE)

What time is curfew for Cleveland Ohio?

  April 30, 2007     Cleveland Passes Stricter Curfews, Bans Spray Paint Sales to Minors   Cleveland City Council voted for stricter curfews for minors. Acco (MORE)

What is the distance in Ohio from Cleveland to Medina?

The distance in Ohio from Cleveland to Medina is 33 miles. That equals 53 kilometers and about 30 - 40 minutes in driving time.
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