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How clever is the jellyfish?

The jellyfish can respond to stimuli and adapt to some changes.However, in terms of intelligence, this animal has primitivesenses, and no brain or nervous system. It can ident ( Full Answer )
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Is cleverer a word?

Yes, emphatically. Searching shows that clever is a word, along with cleverer and cleverest.. see
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Is it cleverer or more clever?

Cleverer is an adaptation of clever. As in, Marsha is cleverer than Mark, but Madison is the cleverest of all. It does sound better to use, Marsha is more clever than Ma ( Full Answer )
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How was cicero clever?

Cicero was an extremly clever man. he was a great debater and new how to persuade the judges.
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What isn't clever?

Running in front of a car . jumping off a building# . killing yourself . killing others
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How a person can be clever?

Knowledge is the key to becoming clever. Reading on different subjects; keeping in touch with world events; listening to others and their opinions. No matter what age no one s ( Full Answer )
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Why are aliens clever?

Aliens are not real they are fake a lie but if you do believe in alien then you should change your opinion really people from outer space give me a break
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Are Jews clever?

Answer 1 That would be a stereotype based on unrelated factors, exactly how the Jews were condemned by the Nazis. Answer 2 It's a widespread view, especially of the nor ( Full Answer )
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What is clever board?

Clever Board is a highly versatile and original product, as well as attractive and secure. The surface is made from an almost indestructible vitreous enamel, and with mimio ( Full Answer )