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What is a cliche?

A cliche is : A trite or over-used expression. Such phrases as "the apple of my eye," "dead as a doornail," or "avoid it like the plague" are considered cliches. Cliche (MORE)

What are 10 cliches?

All men are the same, dogs are men best friend, love is blind,money isn't everything, you are what you eat, money can't buy love,college is to expensive, girls learn quicker t (MORE)
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Cliche in a sentence?

The ethics teacher asked her students to write an answer that waswell-thought-out, rather than submitting a tired, predictablecliché. The word cliché is a noun.

What is cliches?

A cliché is something that is over used. This term can be used todefine any idea or expression.
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What are sports cliches?

Some sports cliches are below. . You win some, you lose some. . Better luck next time. . That's the way the ball bounces. . "We're taking it one game at a time." . It's (MORE)
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How can cliches be avoided?

Read back over what you read. If you find any bits that seem really familiar -- they're probably cliches. Cut them out.

What are musical cliches?

Dead as a doorknob etc He / she hit a sour note. He plays to the beat of a different drummer. That really struck a chord with me. You're preaching to the chior here. play the (MORE)

What rhymes with cliches?

There are not many that rhyme with "cliche." One of the few is miche, as in paper miche. There most likely won't be any more. ~~~~~yes there is~~~~~ touche, play, gay, h (MORE)

What is cliche in tagalog?

A cliche is an expression, idea, or element of an artistic work which has become overused to the point of losing its original meaning or effect, even to the point of being tri (MORE)