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What is a Netizen client?

A Netizen is an internet citizen. A Netizen client is the software used by the Netizen to communicate with other Netizens, such as Twitter or Skype, an e-mail client or a user (MORE)

What is a dhcp client?

In short, it's the computers hooked on the network. In order for a person with a laptop to get internet access, the DHCP must present(provide) it with IP address, DNS, and G (MORE)

Client and server?

client is a personal computer or individual computer while server  is a computer that contains information and data to be  shared..client gets information from server

What does a lawyer do for their client?

A lawyer will help their client in several ways:   They will advise them (e.g: If they have a better chance of a lower sentence by pleading guilty.)They will stand up them (MORE)

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Who are the clients of reuters?

  The main clients of the reuters are:   * The financial Institutions.  * The Corporates who issue shares and debentures or bonds etc.  * The media agencies and bro (MORE)

What do you meant by a client?

That is a hard question to answer so i will give an example. Hope this will help: If a hairdresser has a waiting room full of people that come to have their haircut everymon (MORE)

What is xml client?

A program in an internet user's computer (like yours) capable of interpreting XML sent from a server. Typically a modern web browser, such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, M (MORE)