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What is a Clientele agency?

Executive cabinet department for interests from a specific group or minority. i.e. Department of Veteran's Affairs, Department of Labor, Department of Education...ect.
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What are the different level of clientele?

There are several levels of clientele in a business. These maincategories include individual, family, aggregates, as well ascommunity.
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Define individual as a level of clientele?

An individual is considered to be the basic level of clientèle.Most organizations will target individuals who will be the mainclients.
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What clienteles do stock exchanges have?

Exchanges have two clienteles: companies, which list their shares, and investors, who trade on the exchange.
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What is clientelism What are the forms of clientelism?

clientism is a form of personal,dyadic exchange usually categorized by a sense of obligation, and often also by an unequal balance of power between those involved.
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Is clientele a single or plural noun?

The noun 'clientele' is singular, a word for clients collectively, customers considered as a group. There is no plural form.
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Where is the location of the clientele located?

'The Clientele' are a pop band who perform in a number of locations. They tour Denmark and have toured in several European and American locations too.
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How do I build my tattoo clientel?

One idea would be to give your friends free or discounted tattoos,and then use these tattoos as a sort of advertisement. Once peoplestart seeing your work, they will become in ( Full Answer )