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What is a sea cliff?

A sea cliff is a high, steep rocky formation that is found on the edges of land on the coast. Sea Cliffs are quite common features found along exposed coastlines. They are for (MORE)

Where is a cliff?

A cliff is found where a flat piece of land suddenly ends and has branches attached to it many people fall off cliffs and try to hold on the edge and slip or they start fallin (MORE)

Why do you have cliffs?

I don't have a cliff, the land has cliffs which were formed from erosion, this is why many cliffs are next to oceans, or take the grand canyon, it used to be a roaring river t (MORE)

What is overhanging cliff?

It's an area of coastal land (cliff) who's base has been eroded away, usually by the elemants where the top of the cliff is now unsupported :)
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What is cliff regrading?

Cliff regrading is restructuring the face of a cliff to make the gradient less steep. This is an example off soft engineering, although it is hard to find accurate information (MORE)

What is cliff in a sentence?

Cliff is a noun in a sentence. There are a few examples on how to say cliff in a sentence below. Cliffhanger was hanging from a cliff. The cliff proved to be dangerous.

What does cliff mean?

A cliff is an overhang on a mountain or steep hill. When someone is standing on the edge of a cliff, it means there is nowhere to go but over the side of the cliff. They would (MORE)

What is the fiscal cliff?

The fiscal cliff is a term coined by Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke to describe a set of laws expiring December 31, 2012 that will result in major spending cuts and tax (MORE)
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Where is vermilion cliffs?

They are in the Coconino county close to page, Arizona exactly 36°48′ 23″ N, 111° 44′ 28″ W. Hope this helps!!