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Why did carlisle turn edward into a vampire?

Edward was suffering from a very serious disease and Carlyle was his assigned doctor. Edward's mother found out what Carlyle really was and begged him to change Edward so that (MORE)

Does carlisle Cullen have a british accent?

He was born sometime in the early 1640s in London, England. Though Peter Facinelli recognized that Carlisle might have had an English accent, he did not use a strong one when (MORE)

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How did Carlisle Cullen become a vampire?

Carlisle's father was a pastor who hunted supernatural creatures such as vampires, witches, and werewolves. He took over this role when he got older. One day, he was attacked (MORE)

What is the distance of carlisle from London?

306 mi - about 5 hours 17 mins  London, UK to Carlisle, Cumbria, UK   1. Head west on A302/Parliament Square toward A302/Broad Sanctuary   Continue to follow A302  (MORE)
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Where is Carlisle Homes located?

Carlisle Homes is a successful home builder located in Victoria and Melbourne, Australia. They have a number of display homes at various locations that one can visit to view t (MORE)